38 more days, give or take

I picked up my youngest Monkey Pants from Pre-K and was told by his teacher that there are approximately 38 days left of school. 38 DAYS? Are you serious? I was looking forward to Spring Break! Not SUMMER Break! Sweet Mother!


My apologies.

Dear Artist Lorenzo aka quelfamosoporco,

I found your beautiful artwork & used it, yes. I made no money from it in anyway.I had it listed somewhere that it was yours, on my blog. Good luck keeping your stuff on the internet, please be sure to “watermark it”.

I really do like it. 🙂

The thrill of Christmas HoliDAZE

I DID IT! I went to Black Friday this year to shop at Toys R Us with my best friend, M. It opened at midnight. It was INSANE. I’m glad to say I did it, but I’ll “never” do it again!

We left that store at 3:30 am to head to McDonald’s for breakfast and then to Wally World when they “opened” at 5 am for their Black Friday deals.

I finished all of my children’s Christmas shopping (on a budget) that weekend on very little sleep. I think I’ll stick with the internet for next year’s deals.

Christmas crazy!

School Supplies: The variety and the madness

Monday morning, all three of my monkeys will be going to school. I may have to cry a tear of joy…or two. However, this year in the pursuit of school happiness, I have been to two different Wal-Marts (Wally World in our house), 1 Target, 1 Walgreens and 1 Staples. We had 2 different school supply lists that were not obtained until mid to late July and the hunt began. Even after checking off each list, I went back through a 2nd time to make sure we had it all.

Today, Monkey 1 & Monkey 2 spent time with me dividing up once again, the school supply list & bagging it all up. One list had “Please write your child’s name on everything”. The other list had “Please do not label your child’s school supplies.” (Insert rolling eyes here. Go figure.)

I had a friend that used to complain about having to provide so much for her child each year. She would never buy more than what was on that list. Being a preschool teacher myself, I ALWAYS do my best to put in a few extra packs of paper, pencils, tissues or whatever I can afford (I’m a bargain hunter, I find the great deals!). It bothers me that a teacher would have to pay out of pocket for supplies, especially since I know I have to do it myself. I do it out of love for my job and don’t expect a reimbursement (unless bigger purchase approved by director). I don’t like “cheap” people, people that will nickle and dime EVERYTHING to death. There’s got to be a charitible heart when it comes to kids. If another parent can’t afford or is too cheap to buy extra supplies, I feel it’s my duty as a human being and a parent to give a little bit extra to help.

So on Monday morning, if you hear fireworks going off on my street or see a line of parents at the local coffee shop…you’ll know exactly why. 😉