Favorite Quote of the week:

My youngest monkeyman told me that he had tears in his eyes. When I asked why he had tears in his eyes, he said: “Because my eyes are connected to my penis. That’s why.”




Yesterday was Mr. Monkeypants’ 10th birthday. We headed out the door to his favorite restaurant only to find that is was PERMANENTLY closed. OMGosh! 😦

When we arrived at another restaurant, Miss Princess Monkey Pants said, “This is the WORST birthday ever!”

(We about fell over laughing. Poor kid, can’t catch a break even from his little sister).  😉



I am tired, exhausted feeling today. So I sent my beloved a text, “Dinner?”, I asked.

His reponse: (warning, cover the kiddies eyes!)

“A big plate of fucktard with a scoop of bitch and a tall glass of asshat.”




My kids & I were horsing around. I warn my kids if they put their hands or feet (yucky!) near my mouth, I may bite them. Apparently Princess Monkeypants didn’t believe me & when I lightly bit her on the toe (again, I know, yucky!) she said:

Mama! I am NOT a PopTart! 🙂



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