When I said hit a pole, I meant wrap it AROUND a poll, not hit it.

This statement was made by Mr. Husband after hearing the news & seeing the actual bumper of our vehicle. My mother (bless her heart!) is a firey woman. She is in great health, loves to be active & drive. Well there’s just one teeny-tiny problem…DEPTH PERCEPTION. Yep, she’s side-swiped a van (not here), backed up into her neighbor’s car (to be fair, it WAS parked BEHIND their driveway), and something else I’m sure I don’t remember.

She had our vehicle less than 3 hours before she backed across the street & hit the utility pole pretty damn hard. The worst part was that she wasn’t even really looking, let alone her depth perception being off. No, the WORST part is that I found out on my own. She wasn’t going to tell me. When I first discovered it, we were coming back out from shopping at Target. I kind of freaked out because I thought someone had hit my vehicle in the parking lot. Finally my mother hung her head in shame & admitted to doing it. She even said “It’s not that bad.”  “You weren’t going to tell me? It’s MY vehicle & you weren’t going to tell me at all?,” I said.

She begged me not to tell my sister or my step-father (her husband). Pretty darn funny to watch her squirm as I said, “What’s it worth to you?” 😉

So of course, later that evening, I talked to my sister on the phone. She said, “How’s Mom?” OK. “How’s everything?” Oh pretty good. “What happened?”  Nothing. Well, something, but no biggie. I can’t say. “Did Mom do something?” Um, well…

“Was Mom driving?” Um…”Did she hit something?” OMG, I couldn’t help myself but bust out in giggles. I told her everything & we laughed ourselves silly! Most of my friends are shocked that my mom never offered to pay for the repairs. I’m not that upset, but I am still paying on the vehicle & it’s MY vehicle. KWIM?


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