Well hello there my old friend

I’ve come to meet you once again.


I hope

I hope that I am a good friend. I wish I had more friends that called &/or wanted to hang out. That’s one of the hardest things to deal with when you’re a wife & mother; you don’t always have friends around you as much. Sure I play phone tag or emails w/ some friends…but I don’t get to hang out with them as much as I’d like. Maybe I’m not as good as friend as I should be; maybe I’d get invited to more “outings” if I was?

I wonder sometimes if I have developed social anxiety. I want to go to tons of things & then chicken out at actually doing them. It’s no one else’s fault but my own, but I’m not exactly married to Mr. Social Sunshine. Don’t get me wrong, I love him dearly. It’s the lack of going out to do anything that’s just depressed me.

Summer is almost over?

I have enjoyed this summer break. The kids & I were lucky to have a dear friend with a pool. It helped with the extremely hot weather we’ve had this summer. Between trying to keep them busy with activities and keeping them from bickering (good heavens!); it’s been a challenge!

I have on very important thing to share…I almost lost my youngest son to a drowning accident. It happened so quickly. It was terrifying. Bottom line is that everyone should recognize the signs of drowning. It is quick, it is silent and it’s NOTHING like on TV. As a parent it’s essential to also know Infant/Child CPR. Thank God I didn’t have to do CPR, but it sure crossed my mind in the nano-second I had to decide how to handle the situation.

I am grateful for my family, my friends & my health.

God Bless.

When I said hit a pole, I meant wrap it AROUND a poll, not hit it.

This statement was made by Mr. Husband after hearing the news & seeing the actual bumper of our vehicle. My mother (bless her heart!) is a firey woman. She is in great health, loves to be active & drive. Well there’s just one teeny-tiny problem…DEPTH PERCEPTION. Yep, she’s side-swiped a van (not here), backed up into her neighbor’s car (to be fair, it WAS parked BEHIND their driveway), and something else I’m sure I don’t remember.

She had our vehicle less than 3 hours before she backed across the street & hit the utility pole pretty damn hard. The worst part was that she wasn’t even really looking, let alone her depth perception being off. No, the WORST part is that I found out on my own. She wasn’t going to tell me. When I first discovered it, we were coming back out from shopping at Target. I kind of freaked out because I thought someone had hit my vehicle in the parking lot. Finally my mother hung her head in shame & admitted to doing it. She even said “It’s not that bad.”  “You weren’t going to tell me? It’s MY vehicle & you weren’t going to tell me at all?,” I said.

She begged me not to tell my sister or my step-father (her husband). Pretty darn funny to watch her squirm as I said, “What’s it worth to you?” 😉

So of course, later that evening, I talked to my sister on the phone. She said, “How’s Mom?” OK. “How’s everything?” Oh pretty good. “What happened?”  Nothing. Well, something, but no biggie. I can’t say. “Did Mom do something?” Um, well…

“Was Mom driving?” Um…”Did she hit something?” OMG, I couldn’t help myself but bust out in giggles. I told her everything & we laughed ourselves silly! Most of my friends are shocked that my mom never offered to pay for the repairs. I’m not that upset, but I am still paying on the vehicle & it’s MY vehicle. KWIM?

To be or not to be…a douchecanoe that is.

To be or not to be…that is the question. My answer is to be. A kind, caring, concerned neighbor that helps. You know…do unto others? or Treat others like you want to be treated?

Yeah…remember the bad neighbor that put their remodeling/roofing dumpster in my nice neighbor’s yard? (See January 2009 blog entry for the whole story of true douchebaggery).  They started to dump clippings, tree branches & other crap back across the street onto the nice neighbor’s AGAIN. I’m too miffed to go about it, BUT…I’ll leave ’em alone & let the rich bitches just boil in their own juices.